Exercise K



Portrait Research

For my portraits, I want to have each one evoke a strong sense of emotion of story-telling behind the photo. The self-portrait of course reflecting myself and personal thoughts or interests. For the environmental portrait, I want my subject to be fully immersed in something that brings them great joy, whatever that is to them. For the formal/traditional portrait, I want to capture my subject in a very soft and elegant way in nice, natural lighting, having them express themselves however they feel most comfortable in order to be genuine. For the creative shot, I just want to have fun and create and interesting composition with my shot and subject still creating a certain mood within the photo.

Exercise G

Best Quality: Best quality of print was at the Print Lab (Go CPP!)

Best Match: Staples had good color watching, surprised me, but I think the Print Lab photo still came out the best in terms of matching.

I plan on printing at Costco or other professional printing places for the class.

Some changes to be made in the future will be to make adjustments on my screen, even if it may look extreme, because it will likely come out differently when printed. And trial and doing test prints can go a long way for a photo.ExerciseG

Project 2 Research

Traditional: I plan to shoot objects I am interested in but that I can also incorporate related objects well with, such as maybe flowers, cups and glasses, a skull. I would like to lay my objects out in an interesting way with a nice background that adds texture to my photo to help add dimension and complexity.

Food: I would like to shoot a baking scene. Ideally I plan to shoot more of the items that are incorporated in the baking process of the food item, rather than the finished product. I like the look a lot of photographers use with ingredients nicely placed, but the viewer is still able to see what the final product being created is.

Product: I plan to shoot a scene that incorporates candles. I really like candles and would like to create a scene that can display a candle and create a nice scene, creating a feel for the type of candle I choose to use.