Exercise I

Solis_Victoria_Ex I


Research Project 3

Resarch SketchPortrait Research


My idea for the self portrait is me doing art or walking my dog. For environmental I wanna take photos of my neighbor who loves to sew and quilt. For formal/simple I wanna photograph my niece against simple and bright backgrounds. For creative I wanna take photos of my sister doing all the face painting she loves to do.

Project 2 – Brainstorm



Food: I enjoy 85 degree pastries and I have multiple favorites so I would like to incorporate multiple pastries from a specific bakery but all of the seem very consistant in type. I want the background to be soft and warm, a still life that seems inviting.

Still Life: For my still life I want to use my plush animals because I am a collector of them and I have many accumulated. It is something i enjoy and love how they give me a happy feeling. I want my still life to be playful and relatable.

Product: For my product I’d like to use coffee because my favorite thing has got to be coffee. I enjoy the different takes on coffee from black coffee all the way to lattes. I think including coffee in a cup and beans. Somewhat of a homey environment is what I want to include. Another idea would be coffee stains and some scattered coffee beans.