The thought of face portraits makes me think light and dark. Since Halloween season is coming I feel like the use of halloween makeup might come in handy to make things seem fun. I like how a person is able to play the emotions to act like a character they are not. Playing with lighting might give it more contrast to how the character is portrayed.


I would like to capture the space a chemist is in and how they function. They look like they have a wild life balancing their life and the discovery of new things. I plan to take pictures of my friend hard at work but with the background showing a less chaotic life. Basically saying it is possible to balance stress and have leisure time.


I would like to have halloween makeup play in this area. The idea of crazy might come in mind expressing how crazy a persons life could be. Not sure how it will turn out but thats how ideas come in hand. Having a chaotic but chill side of the image may make it fun to play with.


I might use a bright color wall to frame the person in the center. Having the idea of light balancing through trees or something to make it seem more interesting to do. I would also like to frame the subject with negative space to balance out the subject and to make it a focal point.