Project 5 Proposal

Tentative Series Name:


State Idea:

For this series, I want to focus on the combination of portraits and different perspectives

How will you execute idea?

I plan to use natural light to capture the different emotions of the portrait under different light and time. The location will be selected on the top of some tall buildings. I imagine the series to consist of both wide and medium length images.

Why is this topic important to you?

What do you want other people to understand? What do you hope this series will accomplish?

The use of perspective is very important for photographers. Before that, I have not tried to combine perspective effects with portraits. I believe that this will add a layer to the photos, which is very important for me and a new breakthrough. Some high-rise buildings will serve as my photography venue, using perspective effects to blend characters with the city and the sky. I want to express that people are small and fragile, but when they stand high, get a wonderful view, at this moment, you will feel the different worlds, you will find that smallness is also a kind of beauty. I hope that my photos can make busy people stop and stand at different perspectives and feel the world.

Any special conditions, equipment, or techniques needed?

I plan to high-rise buildings as shooting sites, I might use a tripod and a reflector considering the effects of natural light and other environmental factors.

Output Method and Size:

For the series, I plan on using traditional prints sized 8×12 or print my photos as postcards. I am still considering it.

Portrait Research

    The self-portrait will thin beams of light with a remote flash to give a dramatic effect to my portraits, I might use the yarn and LED String Light.
    I will choose to shoot people with more characteristic work, such as road maintenance staff, car maintenance staff, I will carry out the characters close-up and bring their working environment into the photo.
    I will shoot closeups of the characters, focus on the faces of the characters, shoot with the effect of light and shadow, and boldly use color.
    I will use special effects props to shoot characters, choose the dark street style, incorporate the smoke effect into the photos, give up the facial features of the characters, and focus on the overall picture.