Portrait Research

    The self-portrait will thin beams of light with a remote flash to give a dramatic effect to my portraits, I might use the yarn and LED String Light.
    I will choose to shoot people with more characteristic work, such as road maintenance staff, car maintenance staff, I will carry out the characters close-up and bring their working environment into the photo.
    I will shoot closeups of the characters, focus on the faces of the characters, shoot with the effect of light and shadow, and boldly use color.
    I will use special effects props to shoot characters, choose the dark street style, incorporate the smoke effect into the photos, give up the facial features of the characters, and focus on the overall picture.

Exercise G

1, Powell Camera Shop1

2, Office Depot

3, Costco

4, Target

5, CVS

The best quality print is Powell Camera Shop. For the commercial shop, the best quality printing is Costco.

After comparison, I think Costco prints photos that are closest to those printed by professional photo studios. Because Costco prints photos at a lower price, I will go to Costco to print photos later. If necessary, I will also choose professional photo studio printing.

Project 2. Still Life Research

Traditional Still Life: I consider using my life and learning supplies to shoot, with dark paper backgrounds, Coordinating the placement of items, try to add contrast color ornaments to highlight the theme style of the photo.

Product Still Life: I consider using different color paper splice as the background. First of all, the color will catch people’s sight. Then I will focus on the product, highlight the flashpoint of the product, decorate with flowers and green plants, and the shadow will be considered. In the interesting part, I might add some elements like glass, balloons.

Food Still Life: I will photograph the food in my life, with the dark paper as the background, by coordinating the placement of food and tableware and adding green plants to make the food look more delicious.