Ex N



Portrait Research


For my self portrait I want to do something that reflects on my hobbies and personality. I want to create a tea party scene with light and airy elements. I will be pouring a cup of tea while outside at my own tea party. There will be pastel colors and whimsical elements.

For my on location/ environment portrait I want to take a picture of my best friend. She is a complete book worm, so my plan is to find a neat library with good lighting if that doesn’t work out, I will find a quaint coffee shop or bakery that will suit the aesthetic.

For the formal picture I want to take profile shot with the person being slightly backlit, but still having the face properly exposed. I will take this photo outside with mountains in the horizon but use a shallow depth of field.

For my creative photo I want to cover who ever my willing subject will be in one color of paint, to create the look of a bust sculpture with a pop of color.