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Ex G


I printed at Sam’s Club, Rite Aid, CVS, Green Street Photography, and Kodak. My favorite was Sam’s Club. The colors and image quality was the best for me. The paper had a medium amount of texture, which really added to the quality. The other prints came out okay but I felt as if they took a lot away from the original quality. The Sam’s Club one was the one which portrayed the actual picture itself the best.

Still Life Research

Traditional: I was thinking of a Halloween theme or a dark theme. I want to include things like a skull, pumpkin, melting candles, a red spilled substance, and dead/wilting flowers.

Product: I was also thinking of a more Halloween-y theme and the center product is branded candy. I want to place the candy in the foreground possibly in front of a jack-o-lantern or candy bucket/basket with some fall leaves.

Food: For food I was thinking pancakes. Pancakes are very photogenic. I think they go very well when paired with bright, fresh fruits. Not only fruit but also white powdered sugar, milk, and to add some motion, falling syrup.