Portrait Research

Self-Portrait: I want to make it simple to show the side of the people’s face, apply a similar style like Candace Boissy’s photo. Using a dark background and make the person in the front, focus on the person’s face expression. I may try use different angel to capture emotion of the face.

Environment:For this theme, I would like to go out to a bookstore, friends home or a library, to use a window to capture the person’s moment, and want to show his or her personality in the scene. I really like the style how Arnold Newman use the black and white photo and environment to show the gentle man’s charater in life.

Simple/Formal: I may use a simple light color background to pop out the front person’s face. I will experience different light sources to the background and will see the effect of on the person’s face.

Creative:This theme is the most challenge task for me. I like to have the window as the background and the person in front of the window with long hair and wear a white shirt. The person’s eye closes or looks at froward. I want to capture the lighting on her face and the cloth. By making a simple look and coperate with quite environment.


Location from the top to botton: Print Lab, Office Depot,Walmart, CVS and Samy’s Camera.

The best quality print it should from the Samy’s Camera store’s the Inkjet Print. It captures the more bright color of the original and has good quality. The second good quality it could be the CVS, I like the result of effect the photo and similar as the Inkjet print, it costs less.

Overall, I may choose CVS as my first choose, it prints out a good quality of the picture and it also convenience for me to pick up. The thing I want to do some change of my photo, it will exposure more on the photo and bring it more bright hue on the background.

Project 2 Research

Tradition Still Life: I love to have my favorite fruit together and make the different or similar color effect. I would like to use sample background to pop out the front objects. I may try to cut the fruit and see the inside part contrast with the fruit skin outside.

Product Still Life: I want to use the nail polish to create a different sense of the color and the richer of the color. It will be give a light color of the background in order to show the main product.

Food Still Life: I would like to take the similar style like the artist Aya Brackett to have my love dish to show all the food and the ingredients in the center of the food dish. Apply different angle to capture the most fresh and delicious food on the dish.