Exercise K


sample sketch

For this project I would like to capture a self portrait as direct as possible. I will try different angle and different physical appearances. I want the camera to capture my physical consciousnesses, my worries, and my hopes and dreams.

Visual Response Journal

Sept 9, 2019
Gorden Parks, “untitled”, Alabama, 1957
In this image I see three boys hanging out outdoors by a gate of some sort. One of the boys is holding a revolver and pointing it at something that is out of the pictures frame. The three boys are relatively close together and after observing closer you can see that one of the boys which is to the left of the center figure is also holding a revolver. He is pointing it right at the camera. Both boys holding guns are Black and the boy without a gun is White. I think this phot is very well captured for the times it was taken in. Having race as a main issue for this composition was very strategic in my eyes. It makes me feel like there is hope for humanity simply if we put our differences aside and just like these kids play together. This photo does bring back those younger days in my life when we lived-in South-Central Los Angeles and most of my friends were Black or Vietnamese. We didn’t care what race we were we just played all day and all knight until our parents called us in for dinner and homework. The only questions I have is why the young white boy not has a shirt. I really like and can relate to this photo. It gives me a sense of my childhood.
Sept 16, 2019
Karen Miranda-Rivadeneria
I see a young girl laying I a bed surrounded by religious iconography which includes a wooden cross, saint devotional candles, and rosery beads. She is laying in a manner which to me infers exhaustion, addiction, and pain. She lays well-worn bed wearing only underwear and is in a fetal position. Appearing very vulnerable and delicate. There is a second person in the composition. She is an older woman and you only really see her hand and the top of her head. She is holding an egg over the young woman’s head as though rubbing it on her. Keep in mind the egg is still unbroken. Being Mexican I know exactly what is going on here. The young woman has somehow got the “evil eye” or “el ojo”. She
has many evil spirits working against her and almost bring a dark cloud over her life. If you believe in things like that. Anyways, her Mom according to the caption is the person with the egg and is the one preforming this holistic quasit-religious ritual.
I think this is a great photo. Simply because for me and others in the Latino community, can identify with it. We have all heard of these rituals and of “el ojo”. I believe they are an integral part of our community’s ties to our indigenous rituals and the integration of Catholicism. This photo makes me feel bad for the young woman. She is expressing great pain and in an almost defeated state. I would put this under Still-life Genre, simply because with the direction of the lights and shadows, you have all the elements for a Still-life composition. This photo reminds me of my cousin, “China”, whose real name is Elizabeth. She was very rebellious and out of control as a teenager. My Tias who were raised Catholic and became born again Christians and prayed up and down for my prima. It wasn’t till they took her to Tijuana to my Abuelitos house. There my Abuelita instantly felt my prima had a dark presence over her. She laid her down on the floor in the kitchen and began to light candles. She got an egg on began the cleansing. My Prima stayed in bed afterwards for 3 day! And when she finally woke up, she had energy, a clear head and was starving! I was there that day because my mom had taken me to get cleansed as well. I was * years old and driving my parents crazy! So, my poor mom thought my Abuelita can cleans me of me being so Travieso! Can you believe it. I like this photograph simple because it’s “G”…
Leonard Suryajaya, Assembly line, from Wishing for a green Card series, 2011
In this Photo you see a set of photos that appear to be on a contact sheet. They are images of an assembly line of some sort using a McDonald’s hamburgers and fries. The hamburger goes through a transformation from a regular hamburger patty to an image of what looks like an American flag. For me this makes me feel like this Photographer is trying to state something. I’m not sure what exactly however, he has US citizenship on his mind, according to the caption. The symbology I think the artist Is using is McDonald’s, the ultimate American company has Billions served and has made trillions of dollars off the backs of people of lower class, immigrants, and in documented minorities. They support people like Donald (Not My President) Trump and other conservative groups who makes millions off the sweat and tears of lower-class Americans and non-status Americans. Overall, I like this photo, for me it has great meaning for the working poor. I can also relate to this artist in the hoops my parents had to go through to get a green card and become actual American citizens.
October 2, 2019
Latoya Ruby Fraizer, Aunt Midgie and Grandma.
In this photo I see a bedside table that has a display of a variety of things. There are personal belongings and pictures of a young baby, what looks like a young girl and then a large picture of that same girl, just older. I think this photo is about Latoya herself. Perhaps this is her Mother’s table, and these are her daily necessities. Or perhaps this is Latoya’s Aunt and Grandma and a picture of her as a baby. In any case you have a beautiful, nostalgic, still life composition. The way the light is bringing life to the photos and the inanimate objects is really working for me. The strategic cropping of the beds in order to give the composition volume and purpose is genius. This image reminds me of my late father’s night table. He had old photos of his brothers, parents, kids and grand kids next to his pills, false teeth cup and reading glasses. This table was vital to his daily routine. The only question I have is what the popsicle
sticks under the cigarettes represent. I think this photo was taken in Latoya’s grandma’s room. It looks warm and cozy and lived in. It appears this is a lower income living condition due to the wear and tear of the beds, table and paint on the walls. Growing up in foster homes and then in public assistance quarters growing up I can relate. I really enjoy this photograph. It brings back good memories of my childhood and my late Dad.