Exercise I

light and mood


Project 3 Research

For self portrait, i’m planning to shoot different emotion of myself, in different place where my emotion while related to. For Environmental, I will be shooting my boyfriend as he plays basketball every week. For creative, I will be taking picture of people in different shadow, such as some letters on the window. For formal, I will be shooting people with formal dress or suit, but instead of them posting perfect, I would like to capture the moment when they trying to settle their clothes and hair.


  1. Pro Photo Connection
  2. Costco
  3. CPP Print Lab
  4. Walgreens
  5. CVS

Best Quality: Pro Photo Connection

Best Match: Costco

For this class, I will go with Costco photo services since it match my image the best, it is a little darker, but catch enough color.

For a better match I need to make the image a littler brighter and sharper.

still life

Food: For this category I want to focus on desert or high tea. I found out in the research that placing is really important, also placing in the ingredients help the viewers to know more about the deserts.

Product: I want to use lipsticks for this category. I am thinking about using two different color lipsticks to bring out the contract. I realized most photographer use only the product itself to bring focus, and they would either use single background or lighting.

Still life: I want to go with a Chinese traditional tea pot and some other tea elements. I am going to use some related elements to bring out some calming feeling.