Exercise K



Portraiture Research


For the self portrait I plan to shoot all four with shallow depth of field. For my self portrait I want to do blur motion to show my personality more with action. I plan to shoot my self portrait with minimal background – most likely in my room. For the on location shoot I plan to shoot photos of an artist in her bedroom/workspace. I want to convey a cozy feeling in this photo. For the formal portrait I will take photos of a person doing makeup. For the creative shoot I will shoot a photo using a painting as a reference.

Still Life Research

For my still life project I choose to photograph tea for traditional, a lighter/cigarette for product, and lastly, fast food for my food still life. As I did the research I noticed that I tended to like photos by Maurizio Di lorio and I plan to take most of my inspiration from this particular photographer.  As pictured in my sketches above, for my traditional still life photo I want a stop motion shot of milk tea being poured into a mason jar. I plan to put roses within this jar and taken with a pink or blue colored backdrop with high saturation. For my product shot I will be photographing cigarettes and a lighter. Again, I want this to be highly saturated so I will be looking for those particular objects. In my food still life I plan to arrange a vast amount of fries with two burgers. In the end, I want all my still life photos to match in style. I plan to do this by using a similar color scheme and level of saturation.