Final Proposal

Tentative Series Name:

The Pursuit of Loneliness

State Idea:

For this project I will be creating a series of illustrations of the same character, in the pursuit of escaping people. The Character will be placed in different areas, that are photographed landscapes.

How will you execute idea?

I plan to create a character and use him as a constant for all of my images.  The images will be accompanied by type to illustrate a story.

Why is this topic important to you? What do you want other people to understand? What do you hope this series will accomplish?

This topic is important to me because for the first time I am able to incorporate different medias to tell a story.  I am excited to begin this project.  I want people to understand the strength of each of the images as individuals, and the strength that they hold as a group.  I hope the series will accomplish a successful and clear storyline.

Any special conditions, equipment, or techniques needed?

I plan to incorporate a lot of hard light.  That seems to be what I am successful at.  I will also, be using several different programs that I won’t use for photography under normal circumstances.

Output Method and Size:

Not entirely sure about the size that I want this to be, however I plan on creating a book to tell the story.




portrait research

I have a few ideas for all of the categories that I must shoot, however I will limit them down to the four Ideas that I find to be the most interesting.  For the self portrait, I plan to have myself smoking with rope around my neck to symbolize that smoking kills.  For the environmental photo I plan to shoot people at a skate park while skateboarding.  The traditional one, I plan to shoot my girlfriend with a plain backdrop.  And for the final category I plan on redoing the john Lennon and Yoko one photo if my girlfriend is on board.





contact sheet portrait.jpg