Ex. K


portrait research

For self portrait, I decide to shoot the side face on a kind of comfort environment background, and I would look away from the camera. For formal portrait, I would shoot the model sitting on a clear background, and close up to shoot the detail of her face. For creative portrait, I would focus on the model’s feature on her face with some exaggerate makeup. For the environment portrait, I would shoot the model when she is working, and the surrounding is working space.


Location: Office depot, Target, Costco, CVS, Professional-Powell Camera shop

The best quality print is definitely the professional printing shop. For the commercial shop, the best quality printing is Costco.

I will go to Costco to print photo in the future, and I would pick the better quality paper.

still life research

In this project, I’m going to shoot part of traditional by the scene of people using it to show how it is work. For the part of product, I’m going to shoot the product with a fancy light and smooth background, show more detail about the product’s package design. For the food, I’m going to shoot the scene that people are dining, but the main character of the photo is the food.