Portrait Research

IMG_5622My self portrait will try to create a feeling of stress and anxiety by a tight composition and pose, as well as by having the camera above eye level which creates a sense of subordination. The environmental portrait will show an individual sewing, with related materials and tools seen throughout the background. The formal portrait will be taken at an outdoor location with a rough brick background, adding texture and color to the image without being distracting. Lastly, the creative portrait will experiment with long exposure photography and light painting.

Still Life Research

IMG_5621For my product still life, I will be using a portable bluetooth speaker. Therefore, I’d like to place it in an environment where one would commonly use it, such as near a pool or at an outdoor party. The food I will be photographing will be chocolate chip cookies, since they can be left out for a long time without having a significant change in appearance. They will be surrounded by various related ingredients like flour, eggs, chocolate chips, etc. The traditional still life will include a collection of related sports equipment; in this case, hockey equipment. They will be placed in a location that makes sense with the sport such as on a bench.