Ex G

Rite Aid

I still haven’t received my professional photo, but out of the ones I do have the Walgreen photo seems to be the best. The Walgreen photos may be my first option if getting ones from Powell Camera proves to be difficult.


The Walgreens photo added more contrast to my photos while the target one just looked like. It was a totally different color. The Cvs and target one really altered the some of my color, for example  the sky was more blue.  The  professional one looked just as I saw it on the computer and I would have never noticed how much commercial places can alter your photo. Not to mention hen I went to professional place they were much more kind and considerate in not putting finger prints on my photos. As for any of the commercial places they just grabbed it like nothing and there were finger smudges on them all. The plans I printed at were Sams Club, Cvs, Walgreens, and Target. My favorite print was he professional print place in Claremont, but my next favorite . I Haven’t decided yet, but probably Sams Çlub. I don’t know what adjustments will need to be made because I feel it depends on the Photo.