Excises G

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I went to:

Target, Office Depot, Walgreen, Staple, and Fullerton Photographic. Fullerton Photographic has the best quality and best match. I plan to print for the class either at Fullerton Photographic or Cosco that has good quality and reasonable price. I might change the temperature a bit warmer.

Exercise G

The best quality print was from the Claremont photo.

Best match was from the print lab at CPP. The color match is closest to any of the five locations I went.

As of right now, I plan to print at Claremont photo for the quality, but if I can get the Costco match program discussed in class then Costco for the better price and paper quality.



Exercise G – Adam Corcuera

I went to Fedex and CVS for my photo prints. The prints were decent in price ranging from $0.50 – $1.50. However, The fedex print on the top right printed much darker than expected. The CVS printer printed with more clarity and excellent exposure balance in relation to my original image. The CVS print had the overall best quality and color match in regards to my original photo. The paper itself was a thick stock paper with a glossy finish. I plan on going to CVS for commercial prints due to their Kodak machines being readily available, and in numerous locations surrounding my residence. As far as changes to my screen, I may have to adjust the exposure of my image so that it doesn’t print too bright. I will also explore more print shops to experience a variety of printers to best meet my needs.

top left: Fedex, bottom left: CVS, right: Original photo

Exercise G

Romo_Natalia_(Light and Shadow)


Places I went:

  • Claremont Photo
  • Costco
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart

Where is the best quality?

  • The best quality was definitely Claremont Photo.

What is the best match?

  • The best match was once again Claremont Photo they matched the blackĀ and white levels, contrast, and brightness greatly.

Where do you plan on printing for this class?

  • Since my parents have a Costco membership I will probably print at Costco since the quality is pretty good, and it’s cost effective.

What changes will you make to match to screen?

  • Because I plan on printing at Costco I intend to make the color temperature a little bluer, so, if I ever print in black and white again it doesn’t appear sepia.

Exercise G

I went to Office Depot, Powell Camera, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart (in order).

Walgreens and Powell utilized the same quality of paper.

Color-wise, the best match was Powell, however I was disappointed because the outcome was blurrier than the rest of the locations.

I plan on Printing at Powell because of the color precision, however, I firstly need to figure out the issue with the focus.

If the rest of the photos come out blurry at Powell, I will either try out a different professional photography location or utilize Walmart’s photo center, and adjust the photos so that they are not as warm.



exercise g, printing

I went to Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, Claremont Photo, and CVS. Of all of the prints, the best quality was at Claremont Photo. The best match, though, would have to be at Walgreens. I plan on printing at Claremont Photo for my future projects. The changes I will make to match the screen is better editing and more attentiveness to metering when shooting.