Exercise G: Printing

Original: Au_Kim_Light


Best Quality: Samy’s Camera

Best Match: CVS

Future Printing Adjustments: Possibly adjust the exposure and warmth of the photo to be closest to the on-screen photo.



Pomar_Chris_ExG copy

Prints (left to right, top to bottom) Target, Office Max, Fullerton Photographics, CVS, Walmart, & digital original.

Unexpectedly, the best overall quality of paper and print was from Walmart (middle bottom row), it has a luster finish and is printed on a heavy weight Fujifilm stock paper. Despite a contrast in color in the example above, the closest match from digital to print is also from Walmart. Considering the price point and relative convenience I’d definitely send future projects there, but would have to adjust my for a slightly brighter shadow and add a bit more yellow tone.

Exercise G

I went to cvs. staples. Fedex. target and pro photo in Irvine. I like the pro photo and  Fedex one. they have the best quality. and the best match should be pro photo of course because it is professional. but in the future I will probably go to the Fedex print. just change my expose little bit low.

Exercise G

Printing in order: (top to bottom) Walmart, Staples, target, CPP, CVS

I went to Walmart, CVS, Target, Staples, and CPP Print. Of all the prints, I found CPP and Staples tied having the best quality and color match to my original photograph. Editing will be required for printing at CPP, I will darken the exposure. For convenience, I will print at CPP and Staples.IMG_2050