Exercise G

img_6535.jpgPrinting Write Up


Ex G


The best location for printing would be The Little Copy Shop in Chino Hills, my local printing place.

The worst would be Target.

I will continue going to the Little Copy Shop because of their fairly cheap prices and the wide range of paper weights and finish that they have. I want to see how glossy and matte finishes can benefit my pictures and when to use them.

Exercise G – Printing



For my prints I went to

1.Powell Camera Shop

2. Staples

3. Walgreens

4. CVS

5. Rite Aid

The location with the best quality was Powell Camera Shop based off of print and closest to my original edit. Just need a few adjustments here and there.

The location with the worst print for me was Walgreens. The picture quality was good just that it completely ruined the color of the edit and is easily the worst of the five when looking at them as a whole.

I’d like to print my photos at Powell’s just need make a few adjustments when I go to print. It was about 3 dollars for the print which wasn’t too bad but it was more expensive than the rest. But I believe the quality of the paper alone is worth the extra price.

Ex G

I went to Walmart, Target, and Costco.

I felt that Walmart had the best quality and I think that I will be printing from there. Target had the worst quality and changed the temperature of the photo too much. For Walmart I might need to make a few adjustments with the exposure.ExGprints.jpgChartier_Charles_Perspective.jpg

Ex G


  1. Staples
  2. Home printer
  3. Walmart
  4. CVS
  5. Bill’s Camera

Which location had the best quality?

  • Walmart

Which location had the worst quality?

  • Home printer or CVS

Where do you plan on printing for projects and what adjustments will you make?

  • I would like to try SAM’s club to see if their prints are good or not. In the future, I would probably go to either Walmart or a professional print lab to print my photos. The Staples print made my photo more pink and warm so I would have to make it cooler if I were to print here. The CVS print blurred the photo a little and increased the exposure by quite a lot so I would have to lower the exposure.









Which location had the best quality? 
 I think Powell did. It matched to image.

Which Location had the worst quality? 
It would be Walgreen. 

Where do you plan on printing for projects and what adjustments will you make? 
I would go to Walmart.Tsui_Wai Tong_Light&Shadow