Printed at: CVS, Target, Walgreens, Office Depot

I think the Office Depot one was the best match to screen.

I didn’t get a chance to print at professional places yet. I want to try the Costco printing and Walmart printing.

I think I will go to Costco for general printing. The adjustments I should make brighter and adjust the saturation.




Printing Done At::

Walgreens, Costco, Target, CVS, and The Little Copyshop.

The best print quality was from the professional printer at the Little Copyshop. It definitely matched the image closest from the screen to paper, but was a bit darker. CVS was a close runner up but the image was a bit more saturated than it originally was intended to be.

From now on I’ll be printing at CVS when in a rush, but I will be going to the Little Copyshop when I actually time/plan things out correctly. When I do go to CVS I will desaturate the image slightly and when I go to TLC I will brighten the image.

Ex G

Ex G(1)Aruta_Katrina_ExG

Row 1: Walgreen’s, Sam’s Club, CVS | Row 2: Powell Camera, Target

The best quality print was from Powell Camera

The print that was closest to my photo by screen is the one from Powell Camera. Walgreen’s had a higher exposure and there doesn’t seem to be much variation of lighter or darker values for color. CVS seems the same, though CVS’s print blends some of the light specs to darker colors, and the image looks duller and flat – there’s less details that show the lava lamp’s 3D qualities. Sam’s Clubs’ print is the second closest accurate, but the same issue persists where colors of the same hue tend to blend in together; the exposure seems to be a little lower as well. Target’s print was the worst in which the saturation of the photo is too saturated.

I will print at either Powell or Sam’s Club, with +3-5 exposure for Sam’s Club printing.

Exercise G

The left depicts the 5 prints made for the Exercise.

Prints were made from Bronco Copy n’ Mail (top), Staples (2nd), Target (3rd), Walmart (4th), and Claremont Photo & Video (bottom).

The best match and quality was made at Claremont Photo & Video. No adjustments were made to the photos aside from the one printed at Claremont Photo & Video, where the professional working there made some slight adjustments and corrections.

On the right is the original digital file of the photo.



Exercise G

Printed at: CVS, Target, Walgreens, FedEx, Claremont Photo and Video

Claremont Photo and Video was the best match to screen along with the best quality photo overall.

For general printing I will go to FedEx for printing services since their tones and quality were fairly good along with a low cost. As far as adjustment I will need to provide a cooler photo since their printing is slightly warmer then the photo on my screen.





I think Walmart print is the most accurate from my original. Walmart’s paper quality is also the best among them.

I like the saturation with Target’s print, but Target’s paper is not good.

I didn’t get a chance to print at professional places yet. I still want to give it a try and also try Costco.

I think I’ll be printing from Walmart for my future work. The problem with Walmart’s print is the print is not sharp enough, so I’ll probably adjust the Clarity +30. Also more the exposure +0.5 and vibrance+30.