EX G- Printing

Best quality: Claremont Photo

Best Match: Claremont Photo

I would consider printing from Claremont Photo in the future. This is due to that the quality of the paper is good, the colors are close to my computer screen, and the service I had at the short time I was there, was great. If I were to print there again, I would need increase the exposure a little in the photographs.


Exercise G

The best quality photo was at Claremont Photo. The best match is between Claremont Photo and Target. I would probably consider printing at Claremont Photo to get the best result in the color since the quality of the paper was the best. In order to make some slight adjustments, I will consider adjusting the exposure and saturation.

Exercise G – Printing


Best Quality: Claremont Photo

Best Match: CVS’ color matched better although it came out a bit too dark.

Location I plan on printing at is Claremont Photo due to the fact the quality is good overall. The quality of the paper is pretty good since they use Epson paper. Also, the photo came out very bright and clear unlike the other printing places. The only thing I would change is probably play with the saturation and lower the exposure since it came out extremely bright. Overall, I like how the photo came out at Claremont Photo but if for a good price I would try to fix my photos and try to print at CVS again.

Exercise G

Ex G

Top 3: Powell Camera Shop (Covina), Rite Aid, Costco

Bottom 2: CVS, Target

The best quality and match print that I prefer would be the Powell Shop Camera at Covina. It pretty much matches my overall exposure, light, and shadow. But, if I go back to the same area to print again, I would probably edit to have less magenta since everything looks most likely the same except the hint of magenta. Same with Costco as well. Rite Aid pretty much almost looks like a match from my editing, but it has a hint of being way too expose with light. What I find out not to print is at CVS and Target because the print outs have way too much light exposure and the colors on the print looks faded too.

Exercise G- Printing

Best quality: Walgreen’s

Best match: Fullerton Photographic

Location I plan on printing at is Walgreen’s. I will have to bump up the exposure quite a bit and add more contrast to get the quality print that I want. My photograph that got printed at Fullerton Photographic came out exactly how it looked on my screen. Fullerton Photographic’s paper had a texture to it and was not glossy. My photograph from Walgreen’s came out pretty clean but I wish I added more contrast to it to get the look that I was going for. I prefer glossy photo paper vs. luster paper just because of how clearer it looks to me. My prints from Target/CVS look like they came out the same.

Image (1).png

Exercise G


Best Quality: Powell Camera

Best Match: Wal Mart & Powell

The location I plan on printing is Was-Mart. I liked the paper quality most and the details on the photo didn’t come out as harsh as the others like CVS and Walgreens. ┬áIt also showed the most accurate colors compared to the original photo.