Ex G

  1. CVS
  2. Walgreens
  3. Target
  4. Costco
  5. Powell Camera Shop

The best quality photo was at Costco, and coming in at a close second was Powell Camera Shop. I think the Powell Camera Shop’s paper was better than Costco’s, but the colors were more accurate on the Costco print. Both had very nice and defined detail in each print. For the price and quality, I will definitely be going to Costco for my prints. The adjustment I would have to make would be to higher the exposure because the print came out a little dark.


Exercise G

I did my printing at Powell Camera Shop, Walgreens, CVS, Target, and Walmart. Personally my favorite print came from the Powell Camera Shop because it looked so crisp and clear. The second best would be Walmart, the quality of the print looked really similar to the quality of the Powell print the only thing that made them different was that the Walmart print you where not able to see fine details of the flower. Walgreens was ok but CVS and Target prints came out really bad it did not look anything like the original picture.

Exercise G

Original (Edited)
From top to Bottom:
Fullerton Photograph

The best quality prints were Fullerton Photograph and WalMart. Even though Fullerton has the best print texture and paper, it brightened the photo compared to the original. WalMart would be the best out of the two as it was closest to the original edited photo and I would be most likely going there for my future photos. What I would have to adjust the sharpness as it was a bit blurred in the WalMart print out. I also need to brighten it a bit as my photo was darkened.

Exercise G: Printing

Locations Printed at:

  1. BSC = Cal Poly Pomona
  2. Walgreens
  3. Target
  4. FedEx Office
  5. Pro Photo Connection

The best quality was obviously Pro Photo Connection (professional). However, the place where I will print in the future is Walmart. Even though I didn’t print any of my pictures there, the Professor suggested to print there to save money and time, plus Walmart is closer to my house than Costco. I’m not sure what kinds of adjustments I would make because I didn’t go print my picture at Walmart, like I said earlier but I will make little test by ordering print-outs to find out 🙂.

Edlyn Pacheco Printing Exercise

For my printings I went to CVS, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart. I was unable to receive my professional photo because of time but I did sent it to Powell Camera in Covina. For the best quality print I was debating between CVS and Walgreens. Walgreens did make the print appear more lighter than the other photos, now that I am looking back at my original photo I want to say that CVS is almost similar to the original. For the future I might print at Walgreens just because that photo did not appear the darkest compared to the other retail store. What I can do for the adjustment is up the contrast of the photo so that it will not appear so light.

Example G: Printing

(From Top to Bottom) Kinkos, Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Fullerton Photographic

The best quality print by far was the Fullerton Photographic, paper wise and color wise. It might not seem like it in this picture, but it had the most detail out of all of them, and was on luster paper instead of glossy. The next best, that wasn’t professional, was definitely Walmart. It had the same perks as Fullerton Photographic, with just slightly less detail and glossy paper.

Because of the price, I’ll be printing my future photos out at Walmart. It might not be the best quality, but since the professional photo was $6 and the Walmart photo was 25 cents i’m choosing Walmart. For the Walmart photos i’m going to need to get them printed out at a higher contrast, just so the details wont get lost. Other than that, I think that might be it!