Ex G

20171020_141259-1Wishart_Kayla_EdgeI printed at home, target, staples, cvs and bay photo. The best quality and match was bay photo, however it was cropped. The target and cvs prints where similar and good quality but over saturated. For convenience, I may print at target in the future but lower the saturation.


Ex G

I printed at home, Walgreens, CVS, Costco, and Samy’s Camera. I think that Costco had the best quality overall from with the paper they used and the way the print showed crisp detail. They use the same fujicolor glossy paper as the expensive place called Samy’s Camera, but the Costco print was a lot cleaner meaning the colors weren’t smeared. The best match was probably the one I printed at home since I used Epson luster paper with a 9 ink Epson printer. The color on the print wasn’t too orange or too green it was very accurate to what was on screen. I would in the future print at either Costco or at home with the luster sheets. Also if I were to print at Costco I would have to lighten my print just a little bit so it matches my screen.



Exercise G

Exercise G


For this exercise, I purchased prints from the following stores: Target, Claremont Photo, CVS. I also printed one of the at home using my Epson Artisan 1430.

The best quality print I received was from Claremont Photo. The paper quality can be felt by the texture of the luster paper that they used.

The best match was also from Claremont Photo. Their printer matched the colors seen on screen much more accurately than the other prints, however, it is not a perfect match. I would probably want to reprint it if this wasn’t just an experiment.

For future printing, I will probably print from home on my Epson Artisan printer since its quality is relatively good. I will have to adjust some color profiles to better match my photos though.

Exercise G

IMG_9620In order from top to bottom: Fullerton Photograpics, Staples, Target, and Office Depot.

In all honesty, I liked the way the Target picture came out best while the Fullerton picture had the best quality paper. I do believe that the Fullerton picture was the closest to the actual picture in black in white while the Target photo came out in a different tint.  The Staples and Office Depot pictures have the lowest quality print and paper.

In the future, I will most likely print at Target for convince, or maybe Costco, if I have enough time to go there with my family. As much as I loved the Fullerton photo, the amount of time it takes to have it printed, as well as the price, is too much for me to handle.

G Printing

Sheats_Aaron_ShadowSheats_Aaron images

I printed at Target, FedEx, BSC print lab, ENV print lab and Fullerton Photographs.

Fullerton was the best quality.

FedEx seems like the best match, despite the quality.

For future printing I will try to print at the BSC if I can confirm they do ink printing. I will also turn down the saturation for my images to compensate.

Exercise G

The List of Places

  • Fullerton Photographics
  • Home Printer
  • Walgreens
  • Staples
  • Office Max

Best Quality

The best quality was Walgreens it was on thick paper and the quality was crisp.

Best Match

The best match was the professional print however the Walgreen one was also close

Future Printing

For my future printings I will probably go to Walgreens, I have to turn down the saturation and maybe the brightness a bit.