1. Pro Photo Connection
  2. Costco
  3. CPP Print Lab
  4. Walgreens
  5. CVS

Best Quality: Pro Photo Connection

Best Match: Costco

For this class, I will go with Costco photo services since it match my image the best, it is a little darker, but catch enough color.

For a better match I need to make the image a littler brighter and sharper.

Exercise G

The best quality in my photos came from Claremont Photos.

The Best match was also from Claremont Photo.

Due to the price, I plan to continue to print with Costco. I will just have to adjust my photos to match to their printer settings. Toning down the contrast and shadow will be one of the steps I take to accomplish this, as well as the exposure to make sure the image does not print so dark.

Exercise G


Where is the best quality?

The best quality for the image that I printed is in the Art Department Print Lab. It better capture the highlights and shadows of my original image.

**(Staples and Fedex came in at a close second)

What is the best match?

The best match is arguably the image printed in the Art Department Print Lab. it matches best with color and contrast.

Where do you plan on printing for the class?

I plan on continuing to print at theArt Department Print Lab. It is the most convenient access for me since i spend most of my time on campus. And i believe it is worth the price due to the quality and convenience.

  • What changes will you make to match to screen?

    • If I were to print at Powell again, I would try not to adjust the vibrance of the color as much and maybe increase my highlights and shadows a bit.


Exercise G

I printed my photos in the Bronco Copy and Mail, Powell Camera Shop, Target, Walgreens and Walmart (from top to bottom respectively). The best quality photo for me turned out to be the one printed at Walgreens. The Walgreens photo is clear, in focus, and the paper is thicker. The best match in terms of color and lighting is the one printed at Powell’s Camera Shop. The saturation and lighting is close to accurate. However, because of cost, I won’t be printing at that shop. I plan on printing at Walgreens, and because of that I will really have to make edits on the photo (like making it much darker) so what prints out matches the one I have in mind. I might also print in Costco.

Exercise G

Best quality : Walgreens

Best match: Icon

I think for my project I will print at the Icon because of the good color match with screen. however, I may also print at Walgreens because Walgreens is good quality and cheap price.

Exercise G – Printing

Prints – Sammy’s Camera, CVS, Target, Walgreen’s

The best match is from Walgreen’s. The worst is at target, the photo came out too saturated. Sammy’s Camera had a good print but was pricey, about 5 dollars.

I’m going to try a print at Costco and compare with Walgreen’s for future prints. For Walgreen’s I do need to increase the exposure.