Ex G: Printing

1. Claremont
2. Walgreen
3. Staples
4. Rite Aid
5. CVS
The best quality print that I did for my photo is at Claremont Photo. I would most likely print at Walgreen because their price is decent and their print is almost similar to that of Claremont. Some adjustment that I would do is that I would try not to add too much exposure so that there won’t by as much saturation when printing.

ex g

Locations of printing were:

Office Depot / Target / CVS

Out of all the the printing, the best in my opinion was Target. Although if i would have gotten my professional prints on time those would be the best quality. After hearing the professors lecture i would try anywhere that uses Fuji Paper (walmart, sams club, costco, rite aid). I would probably need to adjust the exposure and temperature to a warmer(depending on photo) and saturation. As i continue to print more photos, i will adjust accordingly.

Ex G

Printing Locations: Walgreens, Costco, Target, CVS, and Claremont Photo.

The best quality print was at Claremont photo, it is the closest to my actual photo.

In the future I am thinking of printing at mainly Costco and maybe Rite Aid. For Costco photos I will have to adjust slightly exposure, white balance, and temperature. Rite Aid I have not done yet but depending on the photo quality I will see what adjustments are to be made.


I printed my photos at Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and Powell Camera. The best print for me came from Powell Camera. I think that print came out to be the closest in color to what I had edited on my laptop. If anything I might add more sharpening and a tad more contrast in the future. But if I’m trying to ball on a budget then I’d go to Walmart, but I know I’m going to stay with Powell.

Ex G

I went too CVS, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and Powell. The best quality picture was hands down Powell the paper quality was so nice compared to the other stores, it also matched the original file the best. I will most likeky be prinitng at Walmart or Powell. For Walmart I am going to need to bring up my exposure so that my picture is not as dark.


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Powell Camera Shop has the best quality print because the colors are much deeper.
I would print at Powell Camera Shop or Walmart in the future.
In order to print multiple photos at Walmart, I’ll have to brighten up the photo since the prints come out slightly darker.
Original Photo

Ex G

I printed at CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, Target, and Samy’s Camera. Other than the professional print, I think Rite-aid had the best quality print. The photo was more clear compared to the other non-professional prints and had better quality paper. I plan to print at Rite-Aid for future prints, however, I would need to adjust the contrast and vibrancy so that the colors can be closer to that of the original image.