Portrait Research

IMG_5622My self portrait will try to create a feeling of stress and anxiety by a tight composition and pose, as well as by having the camera above eye level which creates a sense of subordination. The environmental portrait will show an individual sewing, with related materials and tools seen throughout the background. The formal portrait will be taken at an outdoor location with a rough brick background, adding texture and color to the image without being distracting. Lastly, the creative portrait will experiment with long exposure photography and light painting.


Alyssa Harrison – Portrait Research

Self portrait- I want to create a simple composition while doing yoga poses.

Formal- I want to create an image using hands over a simple white background. I would like to photograph my mom holding roses and capture the essence of trying to hold on to youth and beauty.

Creative- I want to create a simple image that tells a story. I want to photograph my mom looking in the mirror and reflecting upon not only her image but her life.

Environmental- I want to capture an artist in their workspace.


Portrait Research

For self portrait, I want to include either my cave of a room or some type of night scenery to show how I am a night owl and function the best at night. For local/environment portrait, I want to capture one of my friends who likes being in urban citylike areas because of how grand it can become. For formal, I would probably try to achieve a sense of story through a person’s expression. Kind of just show how someone can smile to cover up so much more inside of them. For creative, I want to help my friend with her graduation photos. She’s been wanting to take really creative ones to celebrate, so we are going to find out where we can go from the idea.ContactSheet-001.jpg

Portrait Research

Regarding self portraiture, I am thinking of doing a black & white photo but with some emphasis on shadows. The environmental portrait may be focused on a subject in nature. I am not entirely sure what I will do for the Formal Portrait, but I may take a picture of a subject in brighter lighting. The creative portrait may be interesting, a few ideas come to mind. Seeing Gregory Crewdson’s work gives me the idea of doing some sort of cinematic photo, though I need to think about it a bit more to solidify my idea.

Project 3 Research

For our four portraits, I have a similar idea for some of them. For the self portrait I have idea of me but in front of something that means a lot to me such as the ocean or a countryside. Nature is a very big impact on my life such as art. For environmental, I think I wanted to do a younger persons story because a lot of the samples are that of an old person, but a students story is just as interesting. For our formal or simple portraits I want to do a portrait of someone, my roommate, who is beautiful but has different features than the natural beauty norm that is presented in magazines. For creative portrait I would love to create a replica of a 1950s portrait of Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn because I love that era.