Late Portrait Research



Portrait Research

SELF: For the self-portrait, I wanted to go for this feeling of numbness and emptiness. I wanted to display this by having my hands photographed. In the background, I wanted to have a screen that is displaying color tv bars to help contribute to the illusion of numbness and a sense that the use of technology has made us this way.

FORMAL: For the formal portrait, I wanted to photograph my friend with an orange background. I wanted to have some sort of fruit hat and have fruits involved in the shot to give more of this fun, quirky, playful vibe.

ENVIRONMENTAL: I wanted to photograph a dancer who is doing some sort of technical/ballet moves. I want to shoot this at a gym or some sort of studio and maybe have some mood lighting to give some sort of seriousness in the shot.

CREATIVE: For my creative portrait, I wanted to go for a eerie vibe. I wanted to have my model covered in gold glitter. I was inspired by this album cover by santigold and have it shot with a very gloomy background. The theme would be more arrogant and eerie.

Portrait Research

SELF PORTRAIT: I plan to utilize mirror reflections to emphasize my facial features. It would be fun to experiment with multiple mirrors to create a multi-angle shot.

ON LOCATION/ENVIRONMENT: I wanted to experiment with fashion photography in a street setting to create a street photography fashion feel. I want to use reflectors to display natural gold lighting to correlate to the California “sunny” feel.

FORMAL/SIMPLE: I wanted to shoot a model lying down in a pile of leaves/plants. I am going to experiment with natural light and fluorescents. I want to use a gold reflector & little gold ‘fairy’ lights to emphasize a fantasy/dreamworld aesthetic.

CREATIVE: I have several ideas for my creative portrait. For one of them I wanted to shoot a model close up with christmas lights wrapped around either their face with a slight reveal of the eye. I wanted to work with different lightings and add colored lights to create a neon portrait. One of my other ideas is to take different shots of a model, then print a 11×17 poster. Next I wanted to portray the poster in the same setting but a different pose to evoke a dimensional distortion.











Research Project 3

Resarch SketchPortrait Research


My idea for the self portrait is me doing art or walking my dog. For environmental I wanna take photos of my neighbor who loves to sew and quilt. For formal/simple I wanna photograph my niece against simple and bright backgrounds. For creative I wanna take photos of my sister doing all the face painting she loves to do.



What I plan to do is focus on several themes for the environmental photos. The theme will revolve around the concept of alienation or focus on culture background. For the portraits or self images, I think i’ll focus on Personal history and/or Politics. The way i’m going to do it is to focus on a certain aspect within the portrait.

Project 3 Research