Portrait Research


Portraiture Research

I’m planning on doing my portriatures with a very dark mood. I want there to be a story behind the image, making you wonder what is happening, or what just happened to cause the scene to be how it is. My portraitures are going to have a sense of creepiness and spooky. I got this idea from all the photographers I researched.

Portrait Research


Self Portrait:

I want to evoke a sense of vulnerability and uneasiness in this one. I plan to be on my bed in need with my hands squished between my knees with a solemn look on my face. Because my bedsheets are blue and the light will be coming from behind me and the general color mood of my room is soft, it will be eerie and hazy looking. Colors: blue, white, dead pink



The environment portrait will depict a young woman in a botanical garden, behind huge leaves, eating a leaf or a lady bug or some sort of nature object. Most likely there will be dirt on her face and twigs in her hair. The subject of the photo will be as natural as possible to be genuine to the nature theme of the composition. It should be playful and dirty. Colors: Darker earth tones, green brown, pink


The light in this one will obscure a good portion of my subjects face as to achieve a solemn and dark look. It’ll be taken from slightly below and at a 3/4 angle with only eyes making contact so that it’s awkwardly intimidating and intense. The background will be black or a texture white wall and the subject will be in black. Colors: Black/White


This image will be a nude of an ethnic looking person, eating grapes like a roman and lounging outside. The environment will be set so that it looks tropical and if possible, the subject must be fanned with huge banana leaves or make shift banana leaves. Colors will be very saturated, red, greens, orange, fuschia.

Portrait Research

I found it really neat how the photographer Emilio Jimenez used the shade or silhouette created by the plants and how they sit so well on the human figure. I would like to explore what else can be done with shades from objects for my creative portraits.

I love the dramatic/cinematic lighting on the photos by Desiree Dolron for simple portraits. I would like to find out how that can be achieved without all the studio equipment.

I found Anthony Kurtz’s work very informative because of his ability to show enough of the surroundings of the subject to tell their story. I would like to focus on that for my environmental portraits.

Vivian Maier’s self portraits were almost comical to me because people today take selfies the same way and its interesting to see that it’s something that has been made easier with technology but almost everyone who has held a camera is guilty of taking that selfie of themselves. I plan to use either a timer or the help from someone to avoid taking the picture myslef.



Self Portrait: For a self portrait I want something real and raw. My plan is to set up in the bathroom and and have mostly my profile showing and my face showing mostly in the mirror. I want it to look almost like candid “getting ready for bed” photo. Out of the shower wrapped up in towels, no make up , brushing teeth. I might add my boyfriends arms wrapped around me and his head on my shoulder , no face showing, but hes being difficult.

Environment: The plan is to have my boyfriend simply planning his guitar, something he loves to do. I want him to look concentrated and I might take photos from a worms eye view. In the background we will have the guitar case and some vinyl records set up against the wall to show off a more musical vibe.

Formal: I already took some photos for this category going with two different themes. One theme I chose and sketched was a “new years/party” theme. I had my subject wear sparkly makeup and star shaped glasses and pose like shes having a lot of fun. The second theme was a Valentines theme. My model chose red romantic makeup and we used heart shaped glasses, and barrettes.

Creative: I’m still brainstorming for this but I wanted to get up close and personal but it might be hard to find those willing to do this. I want to get a “silly faces” theme. Depending on feedback and how the set up is formal and creative might be replaced. If I don’t go with the up close theme I would do a fashion shoot as my second option.

Portraiture Research

Self Portrait: I would like to add something to my face such as paint or leaves. It will be a simple background, and the intensity will be from the colors I choose, and the expression on my face.

Environmental: I plan to take two photos and choose the better one. First I will try a photo of my fiancé in his work environment which is surrounded by switches, servers, cables, etc. all having to do with his work in the Information Technology field. My other photo will be at my work which is a coffee shop. I will take a shot of a coworker making a pour over.

Formal: I want to play with black and white with the formal portrait. I will use high contrast highlight and shadow to show drama. I will have the background completely plane, and the model will be very simple with possibly their face not showing.

Creative: I would like to try and shoot my model who will be water and utilize different fabrics to give a sense of ethereal. I will try adding flowers into the water to bring color to the photo.