Portrait Research

An idea that I have for self portrait is me sitting on my desk doing homework late at night with a tear going through my cheek. For my environmental, I want to take a picture of my high school swim coach in her office. My coach has been coaching in my high school for 20 years and she has pictures of her past students up so I want her sitting on top of her desk next to her pictures as a way of showing her life as a coach at that school. For my formal, I’m not really sure what to do yet but for the time being, I think it’d be cool to just have someone pose and try the neon color papers. Lastly, for the creative, I think it’d be super cool to take pictures of a swimmer by one side of the pool looking tired and exhausted from practicing.

I do have a few ideas in mind when it comes to this project. I want to incorporate my makeup artistry into these portraits as well. One idea I have for self portrait is to symbolize domestic abuse towards females in relationships by having myself paint fake bruises all over my body and I pose in front of a camera wearing minimal clothing while displaying mud bruises. For environmental I want to shoot a friend of mine in a planned parenthood in a hospital gown to symbolize reproductive healthcare for women. For formal, I want to get a male friend of mine photographed with half his face being covered in makeup while the other half is bare faced, symbolizing masculinity and femininity. As for the creative portrait, Im still unsure on what I want.

Portrait Research

Self: I plan to take a portrait of what makes me happy when I don’t have homework or working. I want to show people my natural habitat which is slumping in a chair playing videos games. I want to show the expressions when I am about die or get stuck in a game.

Environmental: If my sister is not busy flying, I want to take a photo of how’s the life of a flight attendant. 

Simple: I’ve had a couple of my friends ask for a nice tinder photo that is not too distracting. I’m going to take photos of them then pick the best one 

Creative: I want to take action portraits 

Portrait Research

for self portrait i want to be smoking with the smoke covering my face/ maybe black in white full frame shot.
for environmental i will probably photograph my dad who is always working around the house . or a baseball photo of someone hitting or pitching.
for formal portrait i want to shoot a closeup of a female face with different colors onto the face, i want to abstract a portrait with color and different angles of the face. for creative i want to add some color lighting smoke and a close up of the face