Portrait Research


For my self portrait, I was thinking of showing the abstracts of the body instead, such as hands or showing part of the legs. Maybe only showing the hands doing an activity like painting or drawing. I would have myself shoot the photo with a tripod and faced showing my back and myself painting or drawing. 


For my environmental portrait, I was thinking of taking photographs of my guy friend skatingboarding at the skatepark. He would tell me it’s his favorite place also how much he really loves to skateboard and it’s his favorite hobby as well. I might need a tripod for this category. Also I was thinking of taking pictures of my friend who is a dancer. I want to go to a dance studio to take photographs of my friend to show how passionate she is about her dance choreography, how it’s very important to her showing action in the photo.


For this one, to show emotion, attitude, style, and character including a plain background. I would have the person dressed up and sitting down on a chair or lying down on the floor. I want to use colored gel for this category and my goal is to make look very professional and formal as possible. 

Creative Portrait

For this category, I was thinking of taking photographs of my friend who loves to work with fashion to tell a story about herself. I want to play around with the gel papers. I want to make this category very creative as possible. If I use myself for this category, I was thinking of recreating a photograph or use my friend to recreate a photography from a fashion magazine photoshoot.

Project 3 Research

Self-portrait: Soccer was such a huge part of my life up until now. I think it would touch on the type of person I used to be and what I spent the majority of my time on. I definitely want to show the process of getting ready for a game. I had some kind of ritual beforehand that I would always go through. Perhaps I could show myself lacing my cleats. On location/environmental portrait: For this particular portrait, I am leaning towards shooting my sister getting ready. She really prides herself in the process of getting ready. Formal/simple portrait: For this one, I want to have someone relaxing in bed or a couch with a colored gel. Creative portrait: I’m quite not sure what to do exactly for this one. Maybe I could try to do something abstract, but feel like I need to test several concepts out before deciding on one.

Research for Project 3

Self Portraiture

For this category I want to shoot in a way that shows more vulnerability to myself. In this category I want to show more depth and emotion to my person because I believe that is the point of this category.

Environmental Portraiture

For this category I want to shoot either my mother or my sister with their horses. Horseback riding is very important to them and me, the barn is a place that holds meaning to them. I would end up shooting at the barn since that place holds significance to the both of them.

Formal/Simple Portraiture

For this category I want to shoot with most likely a light or dark background since formal portraits have a neutral background. I will most likely end up using my sister as a subject and will probably have her pose sitting or standing in a way that makes the photo look professional. The main goal for me for this category is to make the photo look as professional as possible.

Creative Portraiture

For this category I want to shoot photos involving horses. It would be much different than the environmental category as this one would have more of a sports photography look to it. I want to attempt to shoot the horses and riders in action whether that be cantering on the flat or going over a jump. My goal is to get a good action shot of both the horse and rider.


Portrait Research

Self Portrait:
With a few ideas floating around my head for the self portrait I might end up with a few different pictures. One of the ideas was to try to portray an idea of wandering and being mindless. This is a major thought because I was never sure of what to do with my life , so most of it was wandering around trying to see what would stick. A different idea that’s remained prominent was utilizing the use of a slow shutter speed and show different emotions throughout one picture.

One Location:
The first thing that came to mind was the idea of taking photos of my friends in their rooms. This would show most of what and who they are in a comfortable environment for them. The other idea I had for this was possibly going to one of their workspaces and see what they are like at those location compared to how they are in their rooms.

This I had trouble really thinking of something to do about it. I had ideas of having people/friends in their work attire in front of a blank wall or make use of a shallow depth of field with a background outside somewhere. The meaning of this would be about backing up the idea of what they do to make a living. I was also thinking about possibly using shadows being cast on the subject to represent different ideas as well.

Creative Portrait:
When we were viewing the examples in class the examples with the use of a mirror really resonated with me. A use of a mirror in different lighting and different types of mirrors could have different meanings. Other ideas were showing off physical ability or musical ability. The idea with musical ability I was thinking of having the subject stand in front of a wall that would be decorated to make it look like the subject was performing.

Portrait Research

For my self portrait idea, I plan to not show any of my actual body, let alone my face. My idea is to be sitting in a chair in all white clothing. I’m also going to be wearing a white mesh mask so my face and neck are obscured. It would be in front of a pure white wall or paper and the main component of it would be to use a projector cast over me like a canvas. It will be hand-written thoughts I have about my self. I get a lot in my own head and I feel like using my body and clothes as a canvas to show physical depictions of my thoughts is the best way to describe myself to a viewer. 

Self Portrait SketchCervantes_Noah_Portrait_Research

Portrait Research

Self portrait (1st image)

For this portrait I plan on photographing myself sitting in a chair or maybe the floor, with me taking small portion of the photograph and looking into the distance or the floor itself. I don’t have my mind fully made up yet but this is the first idea that I have in mind.

Environmental (right to 1st image)

I plan on photographing a my mother or a cook in a kitchen preparing food with the environment enhancing the photo to tell a story of the subject who is preparing the food.

Simple (bottom to 1st image)

I plan on using negative space to create feeling of being isolated, I may change the orientation to landscape but my idea with this portrait is using negative space as my main idea with the subject being me in the middle of everything and nothing.

Creative (last)

I plan o using curtains and a very dark room to create fear for the subject that is being photographed and just like the simple portrait I plan to use negative space being dark I may add opaque silhouette on the dark areas surrounding the subject.

Portrait Research

For the majority of my shots, I will most likely be photographing myself because of my school and work schedule. I may be able to get pictures of some coworkers in the office space, but that may only be good for a couple of shots because the space is very limited. My self portrait shots will be in my room because that is where I spend most of my time at home. For the formal shots and environmental shots, I will most likely photograph my parents on a church day because of the different environments and plain walls. For the creative, I probably won’t have too many shots with faces and focus more on the body in different locations and props.  

Project 3 Research

Self Portrait: I plan to photograph myself wearing a traditional Chinese cheongsam dress to highlight my cultural background.

On Location/Environmental Portrait: Depending on availability, I might photograph my maternal grandparents gardening in their front or backyard since they enjoy gardening, or sitting in their dining room because it has a lot of elements that tell things about them: a Chinese tear-off calendar, medication boxes, expensive china in a cabinet, etc. If that does not work out, I plan to photograph my mother crocheting and watching TV in her bedroom because she does that in her down-time.

Formal/Simple Portrait: I plan to photograph either my brother or my dad to show their sense of character in terms of clothing, accessories, and hairstyle.

Creative Portrait: I would like to recreate one of Anna May Wong’s portraits: either one where she’s wearing a cheongsam and measuring her long hair with a tape measure (General Photographic Agency/Getty Images), or one of the portraits done by Carl Van Vechten where she is wearing a tuxedo and a top hat and is drinking out of a glass.