Project 2 Research

Still Life: Julia Sent’s still life photography struck me because it reminded me of the Dutch Vanitas Painting Movement. Aesthetically, she utilizes the same angles of lighting, textures and colors to portray elements of decaying items or objects which demonstrate the fragility of life. I plan on incorporating the same idea, but my vision will be translated slightly differently, due to the type of background texture I choose.

Food: I find that movement in food photography engages viewer’s attention. I plan to use the movement of smoke or create an environment where ingredients themselves are presented in such a way where they could be representing a completely different scenario, much like the work of David Tortora.

Product: For my product piece, I certainly want to rely on a more surreal representation, which places all the attention on the product itself, but leaves the viewer interested in the rest of the photography. One would want their product to be represented in a memorable way and I believe surrealism is one way to achieve that outcome.