Project 2 Research

Looking at all inspiration from my research, I decided that I wanted to create a lot of movement in my photos by distinctively having texture and some kind of dynamic background to emphasis my focal point.  My still life I was thinking of breaking up an item like a pencil and focusing on all the materials that makes it up.  My product shot, I will be adding affiliating texture that supports the product for example a pair of boots will have droplets of water or on a poodle of water to bring out the characteristic of the product.  Last, is the food shot, like I said before I wanted to create movement so I will be showing a hand on the background sorta throwing the food which breaks the food into all the ingredients.  Movement is really the main topic that I will have in all my shots.


Project 2 – Research


For my still life project I would like to take picture of candy and some other colorful items for a narrative photograph. I want it to be about color and the context of the candy and the items together. For my food still life I would like to photograph take-out Mexican food in a take-out container and plasticware. I want to show the change in context the container and plasticware bring and as well have it focus on the food. For my product photo I want to photograph a soda bottle. I was inspired by the five star soda blog and their photography and wanted to create a still life set up as well.

Project 2 Research


For my still life photograph, I will be taking pictures of books. I will complement the well laid out books with this associated with reading. This includes a comfy reading place such as the library, or a good couch. For my food still life photo I will take a picture of a still cooking egg. The egg will be cooked sunny side up, preferably not messed up. If this fails, I will arrange pre prepared food such as panda express. The product photo I plan to do a photograph of is a microphone. The microphone will be placed in front of a computer monitor, blurred to put the focus on the product.

Project 2 Research


After looking at various examples online, I am looking forward to the product photography portion of this project. I would like to incorporate some athletic photography shots of shoes in their environment. As for the food portion, I will be finding ways to obtain chicken and waffles and photograph them on a wooden surface to further emphasize it being sort of a “homestyle” dish. For traditional still life, I would like to use plants in various lighting that would create dynamic shadows.



Still Life: I really like the Paulette Tavormina’s take on the traditional still life. I decided to do still life in a traditional art form where it feels like its a painting but in a photograph. Product concept I like it to be simple and centralize on one object so I wanted to focus on a drink such as coffee or juice. I’d like some movement in this so pouring into a glass would help make it interesting. Food concept I’m thinking of a picnic scene where the shot of the food would be facing upward.

Project 2 Research

My traditional still life will contain objects which serve the same purpose. I am considering including a guitar, amp, and other musical equipment. For my product still life I plan to photograph my laptop with hard lighting and hexagonal mirrors which have the same color as the laptop. The food still life will be a sandwich and all the ingredients surrounding it.

Project 2 research