Project 3 Research

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Project 3 Research


Environmental – Incorporate subject into becoming part of the environment, almost like hide and seek.

Formal- Nice portrait of my sister for her high school graduation.

Creative- I really like Gillian Wearing’s idea of utilizing masks.

Self- Image of my sister as I see a lot of myself in her but she’s holding a mirror and I am in the reflection.


Project 3 Research

For self portrait, i’m planning to shoot different emotion of myself, in different place where my emotion while related to. For Environmental, I will be shooting my boyfriend as he plays basketball every week. For creative, I will be taking picture of people in different shadow, such as some letters on the window. For formal, I will be shooting people with formal dress or suit, but instead of them posting perfect, I would like to capture the moment when they trying to settle their clothes and hair.

Project 3 Research

Research Project 3


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For self portrait I plan on having high contrast lighting and a central point of view I might experiment with different angles. It might even be black and white depending on my ability with the camera. For creative I want to do something funny make get a costume on and see where that takes me. For environmental I will go to the skate park and ask some of my buddies if they want to be part of my project and see If I can get some dope pictures. And for formal I want to try the mirror trick and see If I can find the right angle.

Portrait Reseach/Project 3

I would like to explore the possibility of designating each family member of mine to be the subjects in the execution of the different shots. My self-portrait would most probably be set in a cityscape, or any other environment I find myself in. If I can reach my brother in time to shoot the creative one, I would utilize his presence. However, if not, I would like to pretend to be him and sport a man bun and a mustache to channel his persona. For the on-location shoot, I would love to photograph my father as he manages and bakes in his pastry store. Seeing him in a dedicated and hard-working condition is very motivating. Lastly, I would love to photograph my mother in a very formal, delicate and yet extremely powerful manner, to demonstrate her pure strength and perseverance.

Portrait Research


For the self portrait I want to use mirror to photography my self. I want to take a dark mood and more storytelling feel photo. I’ll go to black and white photo or low saturation color photo. For the environmental portrait I want to take photo of my model swimming in the pool. My model was swimming player and water polo player until high school. I want to use freeze motion for portrait. For the Formal portrait I’ll go to be focus on light and close up to eye. Last, for creative portrait I want to take cinematic photography and hommage photography from one scene of my favorite film. I’ll make my model cafe up to look like a movie main character.