Still Life

Still Life: For the first part of the project, I wanted to project the stuff a typical college student has like a backpack, pencil and paper as well as some things we can’t live without like our phones and MacBooks.

Product: I decided to photograph sunglasses in such a way where shadows and lighting would play an important factor of this concept.

Food: The last part of this project, A yummy dessert, like strawberry cheesecake, would be showcased. Taking photos of it would show the texture of the dessert.Garcia_Joseph_Still_Life_Examples.jpgGarcia_Joseph_Still_Life_Sketches

Still Life

Still Life: For this i wanted to focus on mechanical parts and tools which i have a lot of in my garage. I might play with nature vs man made tools like flowers, leaves, and other organic subjects.

Products: In this category my main focus is on video games and i want to bring all the handheld and console games together to make a cohesive piece.

Food: For food i want to relate foods bring together foods cooked on a pan/skillet and have them formed together in the middle. Another idea is setting up a scene with coffee and food.ContactSheet-001IMG_20170419_142350


Still Life


Still Life – For the still life picture I plan to arrange a variety of glass cups and wine glasses in a way that I can play with the light reflecting off and through the glasses. I also plan to place an object in the back behind the glasses that will catch the viewer’s eye and act as a focal point in the composition.

Product Advertisement – For the product advertisement I plan to advertise some sort of drink such as beer or a sports drink. I want to hang the drinks by fishing line (so it isn’t visible) and take a picture of the liquids pouring out of the bottles with a high shutter speed. I plan to use a solid color background depending on what product I decide to use.

Food – For the food still life I plan to arrange a sushi spread. I feel like the variety of textures, varying smoothness, and vibrant color of sushi would make for an dynamic composition. I want to use a granite countertop and some kind of dark colored plate to contrast with the vibrance and lightness of the fish and salad.

Project 2 research


For project 2, I thought about the what am I doing and using daily life. In traditional still life photography, I decide to take a photo of art supplies such as paint, markers, and sketch book. The supplies set up on the my desk or wood floor. And product composition is cold drink such as beer, low alcoholic drinks. I thought the background is set up to vivid color or take a shoot at the sunset, because usually I drink a cold beverage at the when I work done. The last of still life photo is food. I decide take a photo with toast, every morning I eat. I plan to work with bright light and background, and try two different angle (top view and side view).

Project 2 research

Food: for this category I want to photograph ramen noodles. In the reasearch I did I really like how they play with the different textures and platings. I think the different color ingredients in the ramen will translate well.

Produt: I want to use balloons and create a colorful shot with a nice bright blue sky background. I was thinking of using letter balloons to create a fun interactive type treatment  experience.

Still life: I want to go with a red monochromatic color scheme and have feminine products placed in a styled manner with flowers and confetti. This topic is typically taboo and I want to give some energy to a sensitive subject.




For my Still life I want to photograph a set of objects that together can transmit a message. I´m still thinking of that objects will be used.
For the food still life I want to photograph a typical dish of my country Honduras. Also, the dish will be placed in a background that can tell us about the country. At this moment, I´m thinking on photographing a ¨Baleada¨ which is a flour tortilla with beans, egg, and mantequilla.
The product still life I want to do, the product will interact with the background and environment. I´m thinking of using water as the environmental factor that will interact with the product.



For my traditional piece, I’d like to take a modern spin on the traditional still life, while I would still arrange my subjects in a traditional arrangement. However, I’d like to make it modern by spray painting all the subjects to be only two colors. Moreover, for my product I want to the focus to be all about the product itself, with little distraction, the leaf vine, would only further the message of the product which is “life”. Finally, as a reference to my culture, I want to make my food photograph on tacos. I would focus more on the ingredients, or perhaps the process of making salsa.