Still Life Research



For my still life, I would like to have an overall very colorful and uplifting vibe. I like the use of repetition and bright colors. As well as a very modern look. I plan to merge the two styles together.


Still Life Research


Traditional: Out of the 3 categories, the traditional still life appears to be the most straight-forward, as there are many different options to work with. Regarding what to do exactly, I’m thinking of using household objects in the house.

Product: Product photography will be a bit tricky if I want to get the right shots necessary to provide that feel of an advertisement or something along those lines. I’ll most likely gather items that have well-known brands and try to photograph them in the best kind of environment possible.

Food: As it’s been said, the food category will be the most difficult, but I have taken photos of food before for social media. I may ask some family members for help on this one, and try to set up the still life photos for the food in the most appealing way possible, emphasizing on the texture of the food.

Still Life Research

IMG_1112FarleyMegan_StillLifeResearchFor the first still life set of arranging related objects, my plan is to have a set of objects that relate to art supplies. I will have paint brushes, colored pencils, their shavings, a ruler, and more. For the composition I think I will have paint both in the tube and on something either another object or a palette and then have the center be the palette. I also want to have a triangular composition to draw the eye around the entire thing.

For the product placement I was having trouble trying to think of a background that is not white. I was going to photograph either my pretty purse or my interesting perfume bottle. I decided to try and find a wall that is a different color that can contrast which objects I decide to photograph or a setting outside that might be able to represent the look I am going for. Both objects are chic and would need a modern background to match the look that I would intend for the still life.

For the food still life, I would love to do fruit because I like fruit and the look of it. I would want to do sliced fruit, either an apple, banana, and strawberries or various citrus fruits. I love the clean and symmetrical look of it as well as the varying colors. I like the simplistic and natural aspect as well so I think these pictures could be taken outside without it being distracting. If it does end up being too much, I think a solid background would be the next move.

Still Life Research

Gregg_Heather_Still life ResearchFood: I would like to have a morning breakfast scene with warm colors and warm light, by a window but with bold orange, red and yellow items. All dishes in white or a neutral tone, with a few items such as books or sugar dish placed about the vertical scene.

Product: I would like to play on having multiples of the same item organized in a repeating form similar to a shadow. A dramatic full color backdrop and couple small related items to balance out the scene.

Traditional: I would like to focus on very geometric shapes and a variety of levels. I have a number of wooden candle holders of varying height along with items hanging down into the frame from above. I’m not completely sure yet which item would be my focal point.

Still life sketches