Still Life Research



Still Life Research



Traditional: I want to focus on a still life that has a bit of a twist to it. I want there to not only be a nice composition set with dramatic lighting but I want to try and have a commentary within it. I also want the objects to work together but all be weird and separate from each other. I want it to have traditional elements but with odd content.

Product: For this idea I was planning on grilling up some hotdogs but have those in the background of the aerial view. I was going to adjust my aperture to get a nice depth of space. I want it to seem like it’s a cook out kind of party and having the plate in focus in the corner will bring this motion with it to help with that idea.

Food: I wanted to focus on Asian style food with this because I feel like there is some great textures that I can play with. I wanted to use the noodles to move the flow of the composition. I plan on using a lot of pops of color with garnishes since a lot of noodle base foods can be pretty bland. I almost want to make it seem like a solar system with the noodles as the focus and the other aspects supporting them.


Traditional: Kathy Fallon’s composition and use of dramatic lighting to create a sense of mystery and silence is what drew me the most. i was thinking of creating a scene using dramatic lighting to give a sense of shock and mystery to whatever i decide to shoot.

Product: Mike Lorrig’s use of the material used in his backgrounds captivates. with my product i plan to take pictures of products in dark settings and will have few sources of light.

Food: Paulius’s crisp and well lit images really caught my eye and he ability to create a relationship with the focal point in the foreground and the background peeked my interests. I will do something similar with the bbq dish i plan on photographing.

Still Life Research

Traditional: Imogen Cunningham’s use of dramatic lighting and asymmetrical compositions make her images dynamic which is what I want to attempt to do with my photos.

Product: Timothy Hogan’s use of the dark background and saturated light make the product really stand out and become an obvious focal point. I don’t know if I could get the same effects without using photoshop though.

Food: Tabea Mathern’s strange but cool arrangement of objects make a really interesting composition. She uses color very effectively and I would like to play around with color and see what can come out of it.

Still Life Research

Artist research

I plan to shoot foods that I love with the colors that go with it similarly to Santo’s work. I plan to use more utensils and closer shots to show more texture details in everyshot. For the regular ‘freestyled’ still life, I plan to arrange everything of course, but instead of aesthetics like Tabea, to make it my own by adding either my favorite colors, or my favorite items to keep up the personality I see in her photos, but with my own. Lastly to show off products, I want to use lights heavily, but in a different way Timothy does and stay away from glass-based products.

Traditional Still Life: coffee supplies and coffee mugs.  Possibly using pastries and other items such as baskets, or plates of pastries to compliment the coffee. Some books will give this a certain photo a feeling and mood, as well as a story behind it.

Food: Breakfast ingredients of a loaf of bread, eggs, figs, maple syrup and butter. I am planning on having all of the ingredients laid out ready to go. The bread will be cut, the butter slices, and fruit will be prepared also.

Product: Bottle of fountain pen ink with fountain pens on a desk. I am thinking of trying to splatter ink on a surface, maybe glass, and give it a messy look. If I don’t like the way that is turning out, I will try it on a desk with a more professional and studious feel with a pen next to it, but out of focus so to highlight the bottle of ink.