Still Life research

For my still life project, I plan to use simple objects shined under a lamplight or something. For the traditional category, I plan to use school supplies of a monochromatic color scale under a lamplight. For the product category, I plan to use same lamplight to shine the light for a shadowy effect, and I will use art supplies, mainly focusing on tubes of Windsor paint. And finally, for the food category, I plan to take photos of something involving oranges.

Still Life Research – Jonathan Melendez

My idea for traditional still was showcasing the things I enjoy most. This still life will show the luxurious end of tasting cigars and bourbon and barrel aged craft beer. It will incorporate the necessary glass ware and accessories in order to enjoy these delights. For my product idea I wanted to fall in line with the same depiction of a liquor bottle, and since I am a big bourbon guy, I will showcase a collection of bottles from the same brand. With lighting and background to help extenuate the bottle. Lastly for my food I am really interested in the idea of both ingredients and final food to eat. I am thinking of incorporating both final dish and finalizing with whatever garnishing that dish takes.Still Life Research - Melendez JonathanIMG_5843

Project 2 Research

For the traditional still life, I was thinking about photographing origami “balloons” of different colors, paper types, and sizes. As for the arrangement, I think I would try stacking them or possibly positioning them in a way that would like like they were floating. I would probably photograph them at an angled perspective slightly above eye level. 

For the product still life, I think I’m going to photograph Bicycle Playing Cards (the boxes and the cards themselves). I was thinking about organizing them in a clean, geometric way by lining up the boxes and cards (see research example photograph by Adam Luszniak). I’m currently debating whether I should photograph them from an angled perspective or with a bird’s eye view while they’re laying flat.

For the food/ingredients still life, I am going to photograph ingredients for the Chinese egg flower soup. The main ingredients are eggs and chicken broth, but pepper, scallions, and tofu can be added. I think I will photograph these five ingredients with the camera pointing down directly above them.

Still Life Research

For the traditional still life, I want to use the things that I collect to bring this idea of memory and how these little things are important to me and make me remember something from the past. I was also thinking about showing the chaos on a desk of an architecture student. For that I think it would be fun to explore a dramatic, kind of dark lighting since I had a bad time while in architecture. For the product still life, I was thinking about taking pictures of my father’s products since he works with surf accessories. For that it would be nice to go to the beach and have the texture of the sand on the product. I was also thinking about shooting perfumes and connect them with other elements that create their fragrance. For the food still life it would be nice to have a prepared Brazilian meal since I am from there and explore the colors on the background that can represent Brazil and make the food pop out. For this section I also want to explore the different combinations of textures and colors that the food ingredients can bring.  

Project 2 Research

Brainstorm Paragraph

Traditional Still Life: I would like to somehow incorporate art supplies into the still life. I plan on getting some old art supplies in my house and setting them up in an aesthetically appealing way. The brand of the art supplies will not be shown since this is a traditional still life photograph.

Product Still Life: I would like to utilize the aspect of technology for this photograph. I will use apple products such as the macbook, iPhone, iPad, earbuds, chargers, etc in order to have the brand that the photograph will focus on. The items will be assembled many different ways but I want some of the pictures to look like they are being used or just powered on.

Food Still Life: The first two ideas I had were to either do something with breakfast items or dessert items. I thought of cookies and milk for the dessert items and I would add more to make the photo look appealing. The breakfast one I thought of Cereal with the milk being poured into it and toast on the side with the butter in a tiny dish. I may or may not change my mind for both of these ideas. I am still thinking things through with this section.