Still Life Research



Project 2 Research

For this project, I really want to focus on environments for each one. My product photo will be Patron, set up with limes, salt, shot glasses, all to enhance the green and silver colors and tones. For my traditional, I want to use different random items that I have collected since I was a kid, like a glittery tree, flower rooster, this colorful expanding ball, all staged at a park or playground (still considering location because I do not want to look like a weirdo photographing at place with kids). For my food photo, I want to focus on coffee and pastry (overhead shot) because I love visiting coffee shops. I will have to determine which shop has the best environment and lighting for the vibe I want.

Still Life Research & Brainstorm

Still-Life: For this category of the project, I want to emphasize on cluster of antique items. The lighting will be dulled or use golden light, try to create sense of old, classical, or decrepit environment with the subject.

Product: In this category, I would advertise my pocket-watch. I would be placing books or paper works, and try to display a sense of work time. This theme will change due to how boring it is, I’m trying to find how to display a sense of time progression in still-life, so its in progress.

Food: Food is food, take a photo and brag about it, or eat it, that is my perspective of it.

Research_ExampleBrainstorm Skecth

Still Life

Still Life: For the first part of the project, I wanted to project the stuff a typical college student has like a backpack, pencil and paper as well as some things we can’t live without like our phones and MacBooks.

Product: I decided to photograph sunglasses in such a way where shadows and lighting would play an important factor of this concept.

Food: The last part of this project, A yummy dessert, like strawberry cheesecake, would be showcased. Taking photos of it would show the texture of the dessert.Garcia_Joseph_Still_Life_Examples.jpgGarcia_Joseph_Still_Life_Sketches

Still Life

Still Life: For this i wanted to focus on mechanical parts and tools which i have a lot of in my garage. I might play with nature vs man made tools like flowers, leaves, and other organic subjects.

Products: In this category my main focus is on video games and i want to bring all the handheld and console games together to make a cohesive piece.

Food: For food i want to relate foods bring together foods cooked on a pan/skillet and have them formed together in the middle. Another idea is setting up a scene with coffee and food.ContactSheet-001IMG_20170419_142350