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Hi! Welcome to Let’s Learn Photography! I am Juliana Rico your instructor, I will be managing this blog but it will soon be filled with your great images. I can’t wait to see them all.

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Printing Analysis

I went to five different places for my print Walmart,Rite Aid, Samys, Costco and On campus. All of these places had very different print quality.  Samy’s had the best quality prints. Walmart print came out really blue so you might have to make it more of a yellow tint in editing. Where Rite Aid had the opposite issue those print were yellow so you would probably need a better balance of the two.   

Portrait Paragraph

The Portrait project allowed me to see a different side of myself. I feel like there is a side of ourselves we do not want the world to see. I know that we all hide from the world and we run to social media to create our positive perspective. While we mask ourselves from other things. I wanted to focus on that with my creative project by using a mask made out of wood. The second thing I focused on was black love which I think is so hate on. I have a friend who is a   relationship and I wanted to show that black relationships can be healthy so they shared with me this intimate moment between them.I used my same friend to take photos of her and her studies. Through the other two categories, I was seeking to figure out more about photography and myself.

Still Life Paragraph

The Still Life project allowed me to use my creative abilities to form compositions to help sell products. My first idea is to use my perfume and other material to promote the usefulness of the product. I am also wanted to use everyday school items to help put together my other still life. Also, I wanted to buy food products on the help show off the delicious qualities of the food by using tips and tricks to help.By accomplishing these three distinctive categories I was able to put create my still life project.